Every year, there are numerous reports of injuries, deaths, explosions and fires from unsafe or poorly planned excavations that strike underground facilities or result from collapsed trenches. Many of these incidents can be avoided and the risks minimized by utilizing vacuum excavation.

A cooperative project involving the New York State Department of Public Service, Dig Safely New York, the New York City and Long Island One Call Center, and the Northeast Gas Association concluded in a recent study the following:

“Vacuum excavation has clear and distinct advantages over hand digging to locate utilities. Vacuum excavation saves design, excavation and construction time, and as a result, saves money. It minimizes the possibility of damages to utilities, and has less impact on the surrounding environment than conventional methods of excavation.

And no one has more equipment and better trained workers than WRS to handle Vac Excavating.

Specialty units such as:

Some applications for Industrial vacuum services include, but are not limited to:

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