Asbestos/Lead Abatement & Remediation


Emergency projects ranging from glove bag of small valves to large projects including incidental disturbances or renovation and demolition of asbestos containing materials, WRS has the experience to responsibly remedy all of your asbestos concerns.

WRS has expertise in the removal of Asbestos contaminated soil and material (ACM) utilizing “State-of-the-Art” Hepa Filtration Vacuum Truck. WRS will transport and dispose of all ACM at approved disposal facilities, following all local state, and federal applicable regulations.

WRS can offer “Turn Key Solutions” for your Asbestos needs.

Lead Abatement

With stricter EPA Governance, WRS prides itself with staying fully compliant and introducing the latest in technology to maximize efficiencies while improving safety standards. WRS is a licensed lead abatement contractor that can remove all lead based paint from a multitude of surfaces and mediums completely.

Mold Removal & Restoration

WRS Supervisors and Technicians have the training and expertise to address Mold Contamination Removal and Restoration on all interior and exterior surfaces.

Utilizing engineering controls, best work practices, and HEPA vacuum technology WRS will provide the solution to your mold growth problems and will often be able to implement preventive measures to stop future Mold Contamination from developing.

Manufactured Gas Plant & Remediation (MGP.)

Due to its extensive quantity of transportation equipment and its fully licensed and trained staff of operators, WRS is a prime resource for several large engineering and construction firms when transportation and disposal of MGP waste is required.

Using WRS to excavate, transport and dispose of your MGP waste insures that all regulatory paper work associated with MGP waste is executed properly and a clean paper trail is established from point of origin to its final disposal location.

Often times during the MGP Remediation process unsavory odors can develop in and adjacent to the worksite. WRS has the technical expertise and practical “know how” to manage and eliminate this problem.

Please contact us for more information concerning MGP site remediation.