On-line & Off-line Hydro Blasting, Explosive Blasting and De-slagging

On-line and Off-line Hydro Blasting using High Pressure Water Blasting Technology and Equipment up to 40K PSI to clean and de-slag your facilities.

On-line and Off-line Explosive Blasting and De-slagging to remove caked on and built up deposits from your facilities. WRS working in conjunction with the licensed Industrial Blasting Experts from “Blast All, Inc.”, our strategic partner, will provide Turn Key Solutions to all of your difficult cleaning and de-slagging problems.

Abrasive Blasting – Utilizing a vast array of blasting mediums, the WRS Industrial Services Division can successfully perform the cleaning services our clients require with minimal impact to your facility or your production goals. A sample of our Abrasive Blasting mediums include Dry Ice, Sponge, Sand, Glass and Plastic beads.